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Name Model
Resolver Shaft: 10 dia. Standard model 3F88L-RS17
High-torque model 3F88L-RS17T
Shaft: 6 dia. Connector type 3F88L-RS15
Lead-wire type 3F88L-RS15W
Resolver Extension Cable with
Connectors on Both Ends
2 m 3F88L-CR002C
5 m 3F88L-CR005C
10 m 3F88L-CR010C
20 m 3F88L-CR020C
RS15 Resolver Cable with
Connectors on Both Ends
3 m 3F88L-CR003NA
5 m 3F88L-CR005NA
10 m 3F88L-CR010NA
15 m 3F88L-CR015NA
20 m 3F88L-CR020NA
RS15W Resolver Cable with
Connector on One End
3 m 3F88L-CR003SA
5 m 3F88L-CR005SA
10 m 3F88L-CR010SA