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XS5 NEXT Series

Round Oil-resistant Connectors (M12 Smartclick)

XS5 NEXT Series

Round Oil-resistive Smartclick Connectors for E2E NEXT Series, that are Resistant to Oil, and that Reduce Installation Work

Ratings and Specifications

Rated current 4 A
Rated voltage 250 VDC
Contact resistance (connector) 40 mΩ max. (at 20 mV max., 100 mA max.)
Insulation resistance 1,000 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC) *1
Dielectric strength (connector) 1,500 VAC for 1 minute (leakage current: 1 mA max.)
Degree of protection IP67 (IEC60529)
IP69K (ISO20653 (formerly DIN Standard 40050 PART9))
OMRON’s Oil-resistant Component Evaluation Standards *2
Cutting oil type JIS K 2241:2000-specification cutting oil, at 35°C or below)
Insertion tolerance 50 times
Lock strength Tensile: 100 N/15 s, Torsion: 1 N·m/15 s
Cable holding strength Tensile: 100 N/15 s, Torsion: 1 N·m/15 s
Lock operating force 0.1 to 0.25 N·m
Ambient operating temperature range -25 to +70°C *3
Ambient humidity range 20 to 85%RH

*1. State at shipping.
*2. “OMRON’s Oil-resistant Component Evaluation Standards” are OMRON’s own durability evaluation standards.
Protection performance with oil-resistive connector (XS5F/W-X) correctly mated.
This performance does not apply if an oil-resistive connector (XS5F/W-X) is missing, and cord wiring is exposed.
*3. Use the robot cable within a temperature range of 0 to 70°C to avoid the wire breakage when moving.

Materials and Finishes

Oil-resistant PVC cable Oil-resistant PVC robot cable
Contacts Copper alloy/Gold plating
Fixtures Zinc alloy/Nickel plating
Fixtures (Lock) * Stainless
Pin block PBT resin
O-ring Material combining HNBR and fluororubber
Cover PBT resin
Cable UL 758 (AWM) 6 mm dia.
UL 758 (AWM) 6 mm dia.

* Only plug

Connector Pinout Diagram (from Mating Side)

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