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For less design effort

DC Axial Fans R89F-DS

R89F-D 特長 2

Not affected by changes in voltage so no need to redesign for export

R89F-D 特長 3

Also, the service life of the fans themselves increased by twofold*1 or more

R89F-D 特長 4

*1. Compared with □120×t38 AC axial fans

No need to connect ground lines

R89F-D 特長 5

This Set Model allows you to purchase the necessary parts with a single order.

There’s no need to purchase and manage each parts, and this reduces the hassle of parts management.

R89F-D 特長 7

*2. Model differs according to the number of finger guards. Refer to Set Model on Catalog for details.
*3. AC Free Input Axial Fans only