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HMI functions work on Windows to flexibly suit various on-site applications

Soft-NA provides equivalent functionality to NA5. This Windows application can be used with a wide variety of hardware including a large monitor and environment-resistant monitor, quickly meeting changing users’ needs. Soft-NA runs on an industrial PC or a PC, which allows you to run both your own data collection program and Soft-NA on a PC. Visualization of machine data helps reduce downtime.

NA-RTSM / RTLD[][] 特長 1

One Software, Sysmac Studio, manages all program assets

The advantages of the integrated development environment, such as sharing NJ/NX Controller variables and integrated Simulator, can be used on Soft-NA. Soft-NA also provides the same NJ/NX Troubleshooter as NA5, assisting in minimizing machine downtime. In addition, if you have screen data for NA5, it can be easily converted into screen data for Soft-NA.

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