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iPF Series

Flexible Part Feeder

iPF Series

High-performance, flexible part feeding solution providing plug-and-play integration with OMRON Industrial Robots, Vision Systems, and ACE software.

Advanced technology to keep parts flowing through the automated process

The future of automation powered by a complete OMRON solution

Introducing the new OMRON iPF part feeder series. This new part feeder system, together with OMRON industrial robots and supported vision systems, offer a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for pick-and-place applications.

3-Axis Vibration

Revolutionary 3-axis vibration technology provides class-leading performance to move parts quickly and easily in all directions to eliminate build-up of parts in corners and edges.

Different sizes for different needs

No matter your batch size or part type, the OMRON iPF can handle it. With 3L, 7L, and 14L hopper sizes, and three different part feeder sizes, the OMRON iPF can handle a wide variety of part shapes, sizes, and volumes.

Quick and easy changeover for greater flexibility

For processes that require frequent changes, such as low volume / high variety operations, the OMRON iPF modular design can be quickly and easily adjusted to handle a variety of parts and pieces. Automation has never been easier and more efficient.

Simplified set-up with ACE programming

The OMRON ACE programming platform makes it easy to integrate vision systems and switch from horizontal to vertical centering modes. The Robot Vision Manager is supported by sample wizards providing quick & easy set-up for basic applications. CAD models of the hopper and feeder can be integrated into the ACE platform, so parts will be manipulated as expected every time. This simple integration process reduces development time for complex applications by utilizing one programming environment for industrial robot, vision, and part feeder solutions.

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