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3Z4S-LE Series

Lens Option

3Z4S-LE Series

Lens options including Extension Tubes and Rear Converter Lenses.

Polarizing Filter SV-PL Series

Item Size Anti-rotation mechanism: Provided Anti-rotation mechanism: Not provided
Model Weight (g) Model Weight (g)
M22.5 P0.5 3Z4S-LE SV-PL225-SS 5 - -
M25.5 P0.5 3Z4S-LE SV-PL255-SS 6 3Z4S-LE SV-PL255 5.5
M27.0 P0.5 3Z4S-LE SV-PL270-SS 6.5 3Z4S-LE SV-PL270 6
M30.5 P0.5 3Z4S-LE SV-PL305-SS 8 3Z4S-LE SV-PL305 7.5
M34.0 P0.5 3Z4S-LE SV-PL340-SS 10 3Z4S-LE SV-PL340 9.5
M35.5 P0.5 3Z4S-LE SV-PL355-SS 10 3Z4S-LE SV-PL355 9.5
M37.5 P0.5 3Z4S-LE SV-PL375-SS 12 3Z4S-LE SV-PL375 11.5
M40.5 P0.5 3Z4S-LE SV-PL405-SS 12.5 3Z4S-LE SV-PL405 12
M52.0 P0.75 3Z4S-LE SV-PL520-SS 19 3Z4S-LE SV-PL520 18.5
M55.0 P0.75 3Z4S-LE SV-PL550-SS 21 3Z4S-LE SV-PL550 20.5
M62.0 P0.75 3Z4S-LE SV-PL620-SS 28.5 3Z4S-LE SV-PL620 27.5

Protection Cover Filter SV-GA Series

Item Model Size Weight (g)
Protection Cover Filter 3Z4S-LE SV-GA225 M22.5 P0.5 4
3Z4S-LE SV-GA255 M25.5 P0.5 4.5
3Z4S-LE SV-GA270 M27.0 P0.5 5.5
3Z4S-LE SV-GA305 M30.5 P0.5 6.5
3Z4S-LE SV-GA340 M34.0 P0.5 8
3Z4S-LE SV-GA355 M35.5 P0.5 8.5
3Z4S-LE SV-GA375 M37.5 P0.5 9
3Z4S-LE SV-GA405 M40.5 P0.5 10.5
3Z4S-LE SV-GA520 M52.0 P0.75 15
3Z4S-LE SV-GA550 M55.0 P0.75 16
3Z4S-LE SV-GA620 M62.0 P0.75 25

Extension Tubes

Lenses Model Contents
For C-mount Lens 3Z4S-LE SV-EXR Set of 7 tubes *1,*2
(40 mm, 20 mm,10 mm, 5 mm, 2mm, 1 mm, 0.5 mm)
Maximum outer diameter: 30 mm dia.
For M42-mount Cameras 3Z4S-LE VS-EXR/M42 Set of 5 tubes *1
(20 mm, 10 mm, 8 mm, 2 mm, and 1 mm)
Maximum outer diameter: 47.5 mm dia.
For Small Digital CCD Cameras FZ-LESR Set of 3 tubes (15 mm, 10 mm, 5 mm)
Maximum outer diameter: 12 mm dia.

*1 Do not use the 0.5-mm, 1.0-mm, and 2.0-mm Extension Tubes attached to each other. Since these Extension Tubes
      are placed over the threaded section of the Lens or other Extension Tube, the connection may loosen when more than
      one 0.5-mm, 1.0-mm or 2.0-mm Extension Tube are used together.
      Reinforcement is required to protect against vibration when Extension Tubes exceeding 30 mm are used. When using
      the Extension Tube, check it on the actual device before using it.
*2 These Extension Tubes are also available individually. Order using the following model number, replacing the box with
      the desired length: 3Z4S-LE SV-EXR[]. (0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 mm)

Rear Converter Lens

3Z4S-LE SV-1.5X *1
3Z4S-LE SV-2.0X *2

*1 In the following lenses, it is necessary to use it together with the extension tubes of 5 mm or more.
      SV-0614H, SV-0814H, SV-1214H, SV-2514H, SV-0614V, SV-0813V
*2 In the following lenses, it is necessary to use it together with the extension tubes of 5 mm or more.
      SV-0614H, SV-0814H, SV-1214H, SV-2514H, SV-0813V


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M42 - F Mount Conversion Adapter

Cameras Lenses Model
FH-S[]12 (M42 mount) F mount FH-ADF/M42-10