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XS5 NEXT Series

Round Oil-resistant Connectors (M12 Smartclick)

XS5 NEXT Series

Round Oil-resistive Smartclick Connectors for E2E NEXT Series, that are Resistant to Oil, and that Reduce Installation Work

Better Cable Oil Resistance, and Improved Overall Oil Resistance with New Rubber Material in Mating Sections

The XS5 NEXT Series uses a special PVC cable that limits deterioration of the cable sheath due to both water-soluble and water-insoluble cutting oil.
Omron's proprietary molding technique prevents cutting oil intrusion from mating sections. Moreover, using the same new HNBR/fluoride rubber as in oil-resistant components of connector mating sections helps improve the overall oil resistance.

Special PVC Cable + Molding Sealing Method

XS5 NEXT Series 特長 2

Smartclick Structure + O-ring

XS5 NEXT Series 特長 3

[Patented] New Rubber Material Combining and Fluororubber

Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR), which provides superior resistance to oil, was blended with fluororubber in a unique OMRON compound to develop a new rubber that provides superior resistance to both swelling and deterioration due to cutting oil.
It is used in seals for joints and moving sections that prevent ingress to prevent deterioration and destruction of the seal due to cutting oil, resulting in increased oil resistance performance.

XS5 NEXT Series 特長 4

P67G quality and Omron's Oil Resistance Component Evaluation System for two years of proven oil resistant capability

XS5 NEXT Series 特長 5

* Applicable oil types: specified in JIS K 2241:2000
  “2-year oil resistance” refers to median values (=Typical values) of the product designs and the oil-resistance performance
  evaluation results.
  Products to be shipped will have around 2 years of oil resistance; actual oil resistance will vary depending on the product.

Varied product lineup to suit the application

XS5 NEXT Series 特長 6