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NX-series High-speed Analog Input Unit


Simultaneous sampling of 4 channels with sampling times down to 5 μs

High-speed analog inspection with PLC system —No special devices and no PC required

Improving quality in parts inspections requires as detailed analog data as possible. Most automotive and other manufacturers are using PC and special measuring devices such as data loggers for measurements.
Being among the first to work on IoT at manufacturing sites, Omron now offers the High-speed Analog Input Unit that can reliably, precisely, and easily acquire synchronized analog data. It will help you improve quality.


Industry's fastest*1 sampling speed of 5 μs to catch every minute change

Conventional PLC

NX-HAD[][][] 特長 4

Some data could not be obtained when an error occurred


NX-HAD[][][] 特長 5

Sampling as fast as every 5 μs catches all changes in behavior

Industry's fastest sampling speed*1: Same speed*2 regardless of the number of channels

Conventional PLC

Sampling period becomes longer as data is obtained from multiple channels

NX-HAD[][][] 特長 7


Achieves high-speed sampling every 5μs from 4 channels at the same time

NX-HAD[][][] 特長 8

*1. Based on Omron’s surveys as of January 2018.
*2. When using 4 channels.


Fully insulated channels to obtain precise data without noise

Conventional PLC

NX-HAD[][][] 特長 12

Mutual interference occurred between channels


NX-HAD[][][] 特長 13

Precise data can be obtained from multiple channels

Easy comparative analysis of data obtained synchronously from multiple channels

Conventional PLC

NX-HAD[][][] 特長 15

Difficult to compare data obtained at different times


NX-HAD[][][] 特長 16

Precise data can be obtained from multiple channels

NX-HAD[][][] 特長 17

Furthermore, the Time-Stamp function in EtherCAT® ensures accurate synchronization between units


Simple system configuration ideal for global manufacturing

Conventional system

・Special measuring devices don’t have flexibility in configuration
・PC requires programming skills in C
・Difficult to change programs concealed in dedicated controllers
・Some technical skills are required to configure PC that is connected to database

● Characteristic inspection of rotator

NX-HAD[][][] 特長 21


・PLC system reduces initial costs
・Programs can be created without any special knowledge of PC
・Programs can be changed for additional inspection items
・Database connection controller *3 brings IoT into manufacturing sites without connecting PC

● Characteristic inspection of rotator

NX-HAD[][][] 特長 23

*3. When using the NJ/NX Machine Automation Controller Database Connection CPU Unit or the Industrial PC Platform NY
      IPC Machine Controller.