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EtherCAT distributed system adds more value to your semiconductor machine

Ensure reproducibility of wafer process control

Control tasks other than wafer process control are distributed and modularized to increase main controller resources for process control.
The use of EtherCAT, which enables high-speed real-time communication with low jitter, ensures reproducibility.

NX-ECT101 特長 2

Reduce machine design lead time

Distributed modules enable concurrent development. In addition, using the NX-ECT101 to connect all devices via EtherCAT reduces the need to learn many software tools.
The Automation Software Sysmac Studio is a development environment integrating motion, safety, and sensing, which reduces time required for designing and training designers.

NX-ECT101 特長 3

Minimize footprint

The total width of the NX CPU Unit and Safety CPU Unit is only 102 mm. A 48%*1 slimmer deign than competing products helps reduce the footprint.

NX-ECT101 特長 4

Improve maintainability

SD memory cards can be used to update programs without the need to bring a laptop and operate tools. This prevents incorrect operation, making maintenance easier and more reliable.

NX-ECT101 特長 5