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I/O Relay Terminal


Single Cable Connection to PLC Means Space is Saved and Less Control Panel Wiring is Required.

I/O Relay Terminal

When your order, specify the rated voltage.

I/O classification I/O points Internal I/O common Rated voltage Model
Input 16 NPN (- common) 12 VDC G7TC-ID16
24 VDC
100 (110) VDC
100/(110) VAC G7TC-IA16
200/(220) VAC
Output 16 NPN (+ common) 12 VDC G7TC-OC16
24 VDC
PNP (- common) 12 VDC G7TC-OC16-1 *
24 VDC
8 NPN (+ common) 12 VDC G7TC-OC08
24 VDC

Note:1. When ordering, add the rated coil voltage to the model number.

         2. When the G7TC is used with an AC rated voltage, three rated currents can be used. If a coil voltage of 110 or 220
              VAC is used, 50 Hz cannot be used.

* Not approved by UL, CSA.

Accessories (Order Separately)

Cable for I/O Relay Terminals XW2Z-R

G7TC 種類 5

Refer to Connecting Cables on catalog for details.

Short Bar


Output Short-Circuit Module




Mounted Relays and I/O Terminal Sockets

Mounted Relays (G7T I/O Relays and G3TA I/O SSRs)
I/O Terminal Sockets (P7TF-IS16/OS16/OS08)
Refer to Safety Precautions on catalog for details.

Indicator Module (With Surge Suppressing Function)

Model Applicable relay coil voltage Remarks
For AC relay P70A 100 (110) V AC Varistor surge suppression
200 (220) V AC
For DC relay P70D 12/24 V DC Diode surge suppression

Note: 1. Order the indicator module suitable for the relay coil voltage.
          2. The indicator module for DC relays can be used with a 12V or 24 V DC power supply.

Accessories for DIN Track Mounting

Appearance Name Model Minimum order (quantity)
859_lu_7_1 DIN Tracks 1 m PFP-100N 1
0.5 m PFP-50N
859_lu_7_2 End Plate PFP-M * 10
859_lu_7_3 Spacer PFP-S *

* Please order in sets of 10 units.

Model Number Legend

A G7TC I/O Relay Terminal is a combination of (8 or 16) G7T I/O Relays with SPST-NO specifications and a P7TF I/O Terminal Socket.

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