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雜訊濾波器(單相250 V 3 A/6型)


最適合控制盤使用的鋁軌安裝型 外觀輕巧、省空間 採用Push-In式連接,配線安全又輕鬆

Realize safely reduction of noise and surge with minimal effort in a space-saving

Easy installation

Just a single action to install on a DIN track

S8V-NF 特長 2

Space saving

Thinner design than conventional noise filters

S8V-NF 特長 3

Reduced risk of electrical shock

The enclosed conductor eliminates the need for a protective terminal cover

S8V-NF 特長 4
S8V-NF 特長 5

Our shared Value Design for Panel (herein after referred to as Value Design) concept for the specifications of products used in control panels will create new value to our customer's control panels. Combining multiple products that share the Value Design concept will further increase the value provided to control panels.