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DC Electronic Circuit Protector (24 VDC 4 Outputs/8 Outputs Type)


Simplified safety design of DC circuits Reliable DC circuit protection in the event of short circuits or overcurrent Saves space even with multi-channels Sequential start-up of outputs to avoid start-up trouble

For building green control panels

Natural disasters caused by global warming and climate change are became global social issue, that drives over 150 countries and regions worldwide to take action toward decarbonization.Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions toward half by through new ways of building control panels, that key figure of the manufacturing site.

S8V-CP 特長 1

Integrating green perspectives into Value Design

Value Design for Panel (Value Design) is the common concept shared across OMRON’s in-panel product specifications to deliver new value to your control panels.
This Value Design also integrate environment consideration concept that enable earth and user-friendly control panel building.

S8V-CP 特長 2

Unified height reduces dead-space and miniaturizes control panel

Value Design for Panel compliant switching power supplies, noise filters, and DC electronic circuit protectors are standardized in height.Reduces dead-space and reduces the size of control panel.

S8V-CP 特長 4

* 1. Height: 124 mm, but S8V-CP0824 excluded

Reduced mounting space by using new DC distribution methods

Examples of S8VK-WA 2000 W Types: Space-saving implementation and less wiring connections by providing branch methods and protective devices

S8V-CP 特長 5

Shortening Lead Time for Control Panel Building

S8V-CP 特長 7
S8V-CP 特長 8
S8V-CP 特長 9

Easier setting and wiring reduce the work load of operators

S8V-CP 特長 10

Sequential start-up of branch circuits can avoid the trouble of operation start and awareness to the malfunction is possible

Sequential start-up of branch circuits minimizes start-up troubles by the inrush current.

S8V-CP 特長 12

An alarm signal output enables to output an abnormal occurrence to an upstream controller.

S8V-CP 特長 13

The processes and costs for the UL certificate can be reduced.
UL Class2[ S8V-CP0424S ]

S8V-CP 特長 14

What is the UL Class 2 output?

It is the classification that indicates “power supplies and the related products with safety outputs of which voltage, current, and power are limited to a certain level, so that not to cause an electric shock or fire,” and is evaluated by UL1310.
For the UL Class 2 output, the voltage, current, and power are provided as follows:

● DC30 V or lower of output voltage
● 8 A or lower of output current
● 100 VA or lower of output power

Any loads and parts to be connected to this UL Class 2 output can be used without UL certificate.

What is S8V-CP0424S (UL Class 2 output type)?

To meet the conditions of this UL Class 2 output, the rated output current is fixed at 3.8 A.

● 24 V of output voltage
 → meets DC30 V or lower
● 3.8 A of output current
 → meets 8 A or lower
● 24 V * 3.8 A of output power = 91.2 VA
 → meets 100 VA or lower

The processes and costs for applying to a safety standard for the devices can be reduced.

As S8V-CP0424S has already certified the UL Class 2 output, the UL evaluation of the circuit to be connected to this output may not be needed, which can help reduce processes and costs for the UL certificate. Any loads and parts to be connected to this UL Class 2 output can be used without UL certificate. Furthermore, that also helps for cost down and easy selection of the parts, because any wiring materials without UL certificate are usable in the control panel.