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Common Terminal Blocks with Visible Indicators


Our Value Design Products Increase the Value of Your Control Panels. Contributing to downsize control panels and save work. It can proper wiring without skillful operators, because of indicators make wiring completion simply visible.

For building green control panels

Natural disasters caused by global warming and climate change are became global social issue,
that drives over 150 countries and regions worldwide to take action toward decarbonization.
Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions toward half by through new ways of building
control panels, that key figure of the manufacturing site.

Integrating green perspectives into Value Design

Value Design for Panel (Value Design) is the common concept shared
across OMRON's in-panel product specifications to deliver new value to
your control panels.
This Value Design also integrate environment consideration concept
that enable earth and user-friendly control panel building.

Wiring Completion is Simply Visible


Wiring indicator for confirmation of a correct operation.

A green indicator comes out when a cable is insert deeply into the terminal hole giving immediate confirmation of the proper wiring insertion.
Enabling secure wiring.

XW6T 特長 7

No Troublesome Crossover Wiring Required. Easy Recognition of the Common Area .*

Colored Short Bars are built in. You can easily know the common area thanks to the visible Short Bars placed at the front face of the Terminal Blocks.

XW6T 特長 8

Quick Inspection and Installation.

You can immediately judge the wiring state thanks to the visible indicators avoiding errors, such as non-wiring and incomplete wiring.

XW6T 特長 9


You can judge the wiring state Just looking at the indicators. No Retightening is Required.

Simply check the indicators for wiring maintenance.
No retightening is required, the terminals are firmly hold in place thanks to Push-In Plus technology.

XW6T 特長 11

Help to Downsize Control Panel and Reduce Design Time.


The Best-in-Class Slim Models Available to Help Downsize Control Panels.

Example of 40 pins

XW6T 特長 14

No Need to Select Accessories for Making Common Part.

Necessary Items for a Wiring System Interface Are Contained in a Set.

XW6T 特長 15

Push-In Plus technology for Easy Wiring

Now you can use Push-In Plus technology to reduce wiring time and work: Just insert wires, no tools required.

XW6T 特長 16

Easy to Insert

OMRON’s Push-In Plus technology are as easy as inserting to an earphone jack. They help reduce the work load and improve wiring quality.

Held Firmly in Place

Even though less insertion force is required, the wires are held firmly in place. The advanced mechanism and the manufacturing technology produce a spring that ensures better workability and reliability. The same strength as screw terminal blocks is provided.

Greatly Reduce Wiring Work with Push-In Plus technology

XW6T 特長 19

*Information for Push-In Plus and screw terminal blocks is based on OMRON's actual measurement value data.

No Retightening Required

If you use Push-In Plus technology you don't need to tighten screws, necessary for screw TB.

XW6T 特長 20

Wiring Possible with Stranded Wires

You can insert wires with ferrules or you can also insert solid wires or stranded wires.

XW6T 特長 21

Work with Both Hands

Thanks to the holding mechanism of the screw you can easily wire stranded cables using both hands.