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Common Terminal Blocks with Visible Indicators


Our Value Design Products Increase the Value of Your Control Panels. Contributing to downsize control panels and save work. It can proper wiring without skillful operators, because of indicators make wiring completion simply visible.

Model Number Legend

Model Reference

Use this legend when determining the product specifications from the model number. Select models from Ordering Information for orders.

XW6T 種類 2

Ordering Information


Appearance and
internal wiring
Maximum Conductor
Cross Section Fine
Stranded (mm2)
of pins
Color of
Short Bars
Weight (g) Model
3766_lu_2_1 1.5 8 Red Approx. 16 XW6T-COM1.5X8RD
Blue XW6T-COM1.5X8BL
Yellow XW6T-COM1.5X8YL
3766_lu_2_2 12 Red Approx. 23 XW6T-COM1.5X12RD
Blue XW6T-COM1.5X12BL
Yellow XW6T-COM1.5X12YL
3766_lu_2_3 16 Red Approx. 29 XW6T-COM1.5X16RD
Blue XW6T-COM1.5X16BL
Yellow XW6T-COM1.5X16YL
3766_lu_2_4 20 Red Approx. 36 XW6T-COM1.5X20RD
Blue XW6T-COM1.5X20BL
Yellow XW6T-COM1.5X20YL
3766_lu_2_5 40 Red Approx. 68 XW6T-COM1.5X40RD
Blue XW6T-COM1.5X40BL
Yellow XW6T-COM1.5X40YL
3766_lu_2_6 2.5 8 Red Approx. 28 XW6T-COM2.5X8RD
Blue XW6T-COM2.5X8BL
Yellow XW6T-COM2.5X8YL
3766_lu_2_7 12 Red Approx. 41 XW6T-COM2.5X12RD
Blue XW6T-COM2.5X12BL
Yellow XW6T-COM2.5X12YL
3766_lu_2_8 16 Red Approx. 53 XW6T-COM2.5X16RD
Blue XW6T-COM2.5X16BL
Yellow XW6T-COM2.5X16YL
3766_lu_2_9 20 Red Approx. 65 XW6T-COM2.5X20RD
Blue XW6T-COM2.5X20BL
Yellow XW6T-COM2.5X20YL
3766_lu_2_10 40 Red Approx. 126 XW6T-COM2.5X40RD
Blue XW6T-COM2.5X40BL
Yellow XW6T-COM2.5X40YL

Note: Products will be delivered in the form of common terminal blocks (with terminal blocks, a short bar, and an end cover)
         as shown in the appearance.
         (Example) XW6T-COM1.5X8RD set contents
                         Terminal block unit (4 terminals) × 2
                         Short bar (two-poles, red) × 1
                         End cover × 1

Accessories (Order separately)

Terminal Block Unit (For addition)

Appearance and
internal wiring
Applicable Terminal Blocks Model Application
3766_lu_3_1 XW6T-COM1.5X[][][][] XW6T-COM1.5 This is a Terminal Block for addition.
By using it with Short Bars as a set,
Addition of the common points is available.
Always attach the end cover after addition to
prevent electrical shock.
(Refer to Catalog for details.)
XW6T-COM2.5X[][][][] XW6T-COM2.5

Short Bars

Appearance Applicable Terminal Blocks Number of
Model* Application
3766_lu_4_1 XW6T-COM1.5X[][][][] 2 Red (RD)
Blue (BL)
Yellow (YL)
XW5S-P1.5-2[] Used for crossover
wiring between
Terminal Blocks.
3 XW5S-P1.5-3[]
4 XW5S-P1.5-4[]
5 XW5S-P1.5-5[]
10 XW5S-P1.5-10[]
XW6T-COM2.5X[][][][] 2 Red (RD)
Blue (BL)
Yellow (YL)
3 XW5S-P2.5-3[]
4 XW5S-P2.5-4[]
5 XW5S-P2.5-5[]
10 XW5S-P2.5-10[]

* Replace the box ([]) in the model number with the code for the covering color. Selection of the box ([]): RD=Red, BL=Blue,

End Cover

Appearance Applicable Terminal
Model Application
3766_lu_5_1 XW6T-COM1.5X[][][][] XW6E-COM1.5 This part is required to prevent electrical shock.
Attach end covers for the Terminal Blocks before use
on the following parts. (Refer to Catalog for details.)
• Exposed metal surface of the last Terminal Block
• Any Terminal Block that is next to a different shape
of Terminal Blocks.
XW6T-COM2.5X[][][][] XW6E-COM2.5

End Brackets

Appearance Width (mm) Model Application
3766_lu_6_1 6 XW5Z-EP6 End Brackets are installed on the both ends of the Terminal Blocks to
prevent them from moving on DIN Track.

Note: Short bars and end covers come attached to the common terminal blocks. Please select when necessary for
         expansion applications.