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R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT

AC Servo System 1S-series with Safety Functionality

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT

Safer environment and higher productivity

Simplifying Motion and Safety

The 1S servo drive with motion safety functionality provides protection for the machine operators from fatal injuries and shorter machine downtimes. Integrating motion safety functions into the servo drive minimize costs, components and wiring complexity. This model supports motion safety but it is even further evolved based on the concept of the standard 1S series. With the highest-level of motion control performance and safety functionality, productivity can be further improved.

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 1

Servo features

• Power range from 200 W to 3 kW
• 20 bit high resolution encoder
• 350% momentary maximum torque (200 V, 750 W max.)
• Battery-free absolute multi-turn encoder
• Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE)

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 3

High adaptability for machine safety

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 4
R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 5

Quick Installation : One Cable
• Power, encoder and brake in one pre-assembled cable with IP67 connector
• Pluggable connectors for easy pre-wiring and system maintenance
• Fast and secure screw-less push-in in all connectors

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 6

Time Reduction: Integrated Programming and Testing
• Auto definition of I/F variables
• Motion safety function blocks
• Graphical GUI
• Integrated Data Trace

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 7

Motion Safety

Increase Machine Uptime

Minimize operation intervention time

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 9


• In a machine operation intervention such as removing a crashed product, the machine is stopped, so there is no production.


• You can pickup the product safely with Safely-Limited Speed function. The production line is running at limited speed but it is not stopped.
• Machine restarts smoothly from speed limit to normal speed.

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 11

Reduce changeover time

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 12


• In a coil change, the machine operator has to set the material in each roll with inching or jog function. It makes the change over complex and time consuming.


• Machine operator can set the material in the roll with Safely-Limited Speed and introduce the film smoothly with Safe Direction function. It helps the operator to reduce the change over time and complexity

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 14

Avoid machine stops

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 15


• In a machine operation intervention, the stacker is stopped, so there is no production


• When the operator is close, the stacker run slowly with Safely-Limited Speed without stopping.
• If the operator gets too close, then the Safe Brake Control function is activated to hold the stacker in a safer mode.

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 17

Zero startup rejects

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 18


• Disposal of product waste occurs. If the power to a motor is stopped following an emergency stop, film may be caught in the machine.


• Even in the event of machine stoppage due to an emergency stop, disposal of product waste will not occur.
• Power is continuously supplied to a motor even during the emergency stop, therefore preventing film from getting caught in the machine.

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 20

Sysmac Automation Platform

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 21


R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 22

Sysmac Studio, the integrated software

• One single tool for logic sequence, motion, safety, robotics, vision and HMI
• Fully compliant with open standard IEC 61131-3
• PLCopen Function Blocks for Motion and Safety
• Supports Ladder, Structured Text and In-Line ST programming with a rich instruction set
• CAM editor for easy programming of complex motion profiles
• Database Connectivity Function Block library

Sysmac Library

• The Sysmac Library is a collection of software functional components that can be used in programs for the NJ/NX Machine Automation Controllers. Sample programs and HMI screen samples are also available.

Please download it from following URL and install to Sysmac Studio.

Machine Controller

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 25

The NX-series Safety Network Controller connected with the NX1 Machine Controller enables the use of both EtherNet/IP + CIP Safety and EtherCAT + FSoE at the same time.

NJ/NX series

• Logic sequence, Motion, Safety, Robotics and Database connection functionality
• Scalable motion control: CPUs from 2 up to 256 axes
• IEC 61131-3 controller
• PLCopen Function Blocks for Motion Control and Safety
• Advanced motion with Robotics functionality
• Built-in EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP ports


R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 27

1S Motion Safety servo

• Servo drive for rotary motors
• Up to 3kW
• Battery-free absolute multi-turn encoder
• Advanced safety functions: STO/SS1/SS2/SOS/SLS/SLP/SDI/SBC
• Servo drive for rotary motors with one cable connection

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 29

1S Servo System - General purpose servo

• Servo drive for rotary motors
• Up to 15kW
• Battery-free absolute multi-turn encoder
• Safety function: STO

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT 特長 31

G5 Servo System

• Servo drive for rotary or linear motors
• Rotary motor: Up to 15 kW
• Iron-core and Ironless linear motor models: Up to 2100 N peak force
• Safety function: STO (Hardwired Safe Torque Off only)
• Full closed loop control

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