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PCB Inspection System


Omron's 3D-SJI (Solder Joint Inspection) Ensuring High-quality Products in an Efficient Manufacturing Environment

Omron's 3D-SJI (Solder Joint Inspection)

Materializing quantitative solder joint inspection, whilst minimizing the risks of overlooked defects defined by the quality criteria, and contributing to a vertical startup.

VT-S730 特長 1

Example Defects

VT-S730 特長 2

Support for statistical inspection required by IATF (ISO/TS) 16949

Support to quantitatively evaluate measurement for MSA (Measurement System Analysis).
Maintain inspection accuracy by continuously measuring and evaluating accuracy automatically while recording history.

VT-S730 特長 3

Whole PCB surface inspection

Detecting foreign objects accurately is achieved through combining 3D (height) and 2D (area) measurements on the entire PCB surface. (Lands without solder can be excluded from the inspection)

VT-S730 特長 4

Oblique viewing camera incorporated

Oblique view inspections can be performed on solder joints that are hidden from the direct view camera.

VT-S730 特長 5

Various Lineup of High-Speed Models

The VT-S730-H incorporates a high-speed image capturing module to substantially reduce the inspection time compared to standard models of the same series.

Comparison of inspection time of Omron's PCB (example)

VT-S730 特長 6