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High-speed 3D-SJI

New series VT-S730-H makes inspection time about 2 times faster than the conventional one in our company with a new high-speed imaging module, and realizes high quality and high productivity at the same time.

The example of comparison of inspection time for our retaining PCBs

VT-S730-H 特長 2

Execute statistical survey ISO/TS16949 required.

MSA Control

ISO/TS16949 requires statistical surveys to analyze the differences of each measurement value.
VT-S730-H has MSA(Measurement System Analysis), which is a method to quantitatively evaluate them. It regularly measures and evaluates accuracy again and again by itself and leaves past records to keep the inspection accuracy.
The past records can be downloaded whenever it is necessary.

Strengthening Solder Shape Reconstruction Efficiency (In common with VT-S730)

Solder shape reconstruction method of VT-S7 series has been developed more. It contributes more to quality control conforming to international standards such as ISO/TS16949 by improving accuracy of quantitative inspection for solder bondability.

VT-S730-H 特長 6
VT-S730-H 特長 7

Objects Inspection Function (In common with VT-S730)

By specifying height of objects in the inspection standards, objects of the height can be detected.

VT-S730-H 特長 8