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PCB Inspection System


Omron's 3D-SJI (Solder Joint Inspection) Ensuring High-quality Products in an Efficient Manufacturing Environment

Omron's 3D-SJI (Solder Joint Inspection)

Materializes quantitative inspection of solder joint and implementation, while minimizing risks of overlooking unknown defects by the quality product criteria inspection based on the standards, contributing to vertical startup of inspection.

VT-S530 特長 1

Example Defects

VT-S530 特長 2

Whole PCB surface inspection

Detecting foreign objects accurately is achieved through combining 3D (height) and 2D (area) measurements on the entire PCB surface. (Lands without solder can be excluded from the inspection)

VT-S530 特長 3

High productivity inspection

High production throughput supported through dual lane.
Dual lane operation using various PCBs is possible, due to its handling capability up to the PCB size of 510 (W) x 330 (D) mm.

VT-S530 特長 4