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VT-X700 / VT-X900

High speed automated X-ray CT inspection system For SEMICONDUCTOR

VT-X700 / VT-X900

Omron‘s unique Automated inspection capability ensures process quality in a mass-production environment by using Submicron CT imaging with a variety of Metrology data.


• Downsizing package
• Higher density with stacked layer
• Variety of device combination (SiP)


Omron’s proven 3D-CT technology leads through
- Fast and Quantitative metrology
- Stable Imaging with Sub-Micron Magnification
- Recipe-based Automated Inspection

VT-X700 / VT-X900 特長 2

Automated Inspection and Metrology in mass production environment


VT-X700 / VT-X900 特長 4
VT-X700 / VT-X900 特長 5