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Programmable Multi-Axis Controller CK3M-series CPU Unit


Controls analog servo drives at high speeds of up to 50 μs/5 axes, enabling high-precision processing

[Rapid] Fast control cycle times for more precise machining

Calculation with a fastest servo cycle time of 25 μs/5 axes*1 enables high-precision command calculation and command following, increasing the precision of your machine.
*1. Motor control only. Omron survey as of November 2022.

High-speed command calculation for high-precision machining

Precise commands are crucial to precision machining.
The CK3M/CK5M Series can precisely calculate commands with a very fast control cycle time.

CK[]M-CPU1[]1 特長 2

High-speed correction for high-precision machining

High-precision motion control can be achieved by following precise commands.
The CK3M/CK5M Series can drive actuators with a short control period, providing precise path control.

CK[]M-CPU1[]1 特長 3

[Flexible] Multi-vendor compatibility to optimize system configuration

The CK3M/CK5M Series has multiple interfaces with multi-vendor actuators and encoders and control modes, allowing you to have freedom of choice in selecting the right devices to maximize your machine’s performance.

A variety of interfaces to optimize system configuration

The input interface can accept the A/B phase signals, sinusoidal signals, and parallel binary signals, and axes can be controlled by analog commands (DAC) and Direct PWM*2 . The interfaces with high-resolution encoders, linear motors, and galvo scanners allow you to freely choose the most suitable devices for your application. Furthermore, high-precision synchronous control between actuators enables precision machining.
*2. Omron’s unique method to communicate between the Power PMAC and servo amplifiers.

CK[]M-CPU1[]1 特長 5

A variety of control modes to optimize system configuration

In addition to hardware, software also supports multiple motor control modes including position, velocity, torque, sinewave, and Direct PWM modes. A control mode that best suits your application delivers high-speed, high-precision control.

CK[]M-CPU1[]1 特長 6

[Capable] Flexible development of various applications

The flexible PMAC architecture and software structure help you realize your difficult applications by easily incorporating your own algorithms.

A range of programming languages for various applications

The original programming language allows you to create complex and advanced algorithms. The CK3M/CK5M Series can also be programmed in C language which facilitates the implementation of functions, such as very complex algorithm and log file processing in the controller, which are difficult with standard controllers. In addition to customization of standard G-Code functions by defining subroutines, your own G-Code functions can be incorporated.

CK[]M-CPU1[]1 特長 8

Open software structure for various applications

Applications that require complex actuator mechanisms (e.g., robot and on-the-fly laser processing) can be easily created by customizing the relationship between processing data and actuator machine coordinate systems.

CK[]M-CPU1[]1 特長 9

[Easy] Integrated system to reduce machine design time

EtherCAT® and EtherNet/IP™ connectivity enables a single controller to control devices including peripherals and a single tool to integrate programming and configuration, shortening the time required for designing machines.

Quick design without the need for interlocking

A single controller with EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP connectivity controls not only processing actuators but also transfer axes and peripheral devices. This means that interlocking is no longer required, reducing machine design time.

CK[]M-CPU1[]1 特長 11

Easy setup with integrated software

The Power PMAC IDE is a development environment that integrates programming and communications setup, further reducing design time.

CK[]M-CPU1[]1 特長 12