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Slim I/O Solid State Relay


Slim I/O SSR realizes space saving thanks to high-density mounting and ultra-slim body

For building green control panels

Natural disasters caused by global warming and climate change are became global social issue, that drives over 150 countries and regions worldwide to take action toward decarbonization.
Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions toward half by through new ways of building control panels, that key figure of the manufacturing site.

Integrating green perspectives into Value Design

Value Design for Panel (Value Design) is the common concept shared across OMRON’s in-panel product specifications to deliver new value to your control panels.
This Value Design also integrate environment consideration concept that enable earth and user-friendly control panel building.

G3RV-ST 特長 3

Saving Space and More-advanced Control Panels

The interface wiring system of the smallest size industry*1 help delivering more compact control panels with additional functionality.

G3RV-ST 特長 4

Replace existing relays with 6.2 mm-wide relays to use space effectively

By replacing existing relays, you can downsize your control panel and enhance your equipment while maintaining its size.

G3RV-ST 特長 5

Unified height reduces dead space and downsizes control panels

Our Value Design for Panel relays and their sockets are of the same height.

G3RV-ST 特長 6

Shortening Lead Time for Control Panel Building

Unique product specifications let you shorten the entire process for building control panels.

G3RV-ST 特長 7

Push-In Plus technology requires only a single step, greatly reducing wiring work

G3RV-ST 特長 8

Larger wire terminal opening contributes to efficiency of wiring and standardization of wires

Wiring holes are wide in diameter and are structured diagonally to allow for better visibility and easy insertion, and support standard 2.5 mm2 ferrule terminals.

G3RV-ST 特長 9

PLC interface unit and short bars further reduce wiring effort

Our extensive lineup of accessories for reducing wiring allows for less wiring work and therefore less effort.

G3RV-ST 特長 10

No need for retightening, even when vibration is applied on terminals

The pressure of the clamp spring holds the ferrule or wire securely with Push-In Plus technology, eliminating worries about screws loosening or disconnection due to vibration.

G3RV-ST 特長 11

Reducing the burden of building, operating, and maintaining control panels

Made to be less taxing on the health of those who build control panels and more useful to on-site users.

G3RV-ST 特長 12

Installation friendly assembly/wiring with less burden on worker's health

Push-In Plus technology with reliability and ease of insertion

G3RV-ST 特長 15

OMRON’s Push-In Plus technology is as easy as inserting to an earphone jack.
This reduces the load on workers fingers.

G3RV-ST 特長 16

Even though less insertion force is required, the wires are held firmly in place by a unique spring structure that ensures reliability.

*1. In the case that a cable diameter is AWG20, 0.5 mm2
*2. OMRON's actual measurement value data.

Easy-to-install accessories

Short bars and insulation plates can be cut or removed with little force to deliver stress-free workability.

G3RV-ST 特長 17

Extra support is provided through an enhanced mounting system

Work efficiency is enhanced by DIN rail sliding performance and short bar improvements.

G3RV-ST 特長 18

Easier Maintenance

Visibility is enhanced by the LED release lever

Visibility from the front is improved by a structure where the actual release lever lights and by expanding the light emission area.

G3RV-ST 特長 20

Color coded stoppers indicate the voltage type

Voltage systems are color-coded for easy checking.

G3RV-ST 特長 21

Use insulation plates to prevent electrical shock and separation of groups easier

You can attach insulation plates to the ends of short bars to prevent electrical shock and separation.

G3RV-ST 特長 22

Relay structure allows for easy checking and replacement

The relays themselves are designed to the finest detail for ease of use, allowing for easy operation checks and replacement.

G3RV-ST 特長 23