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TM S系列

OMRON TM Collaborative Robot, S Series

TM S系列

S Series Collaborative Robot (Cobot) for assembly, palletizing, inspection, logistics and many other applications

OMRON TM Collaborative Robot - S Series

The OMRON TM Collaborative Robot - S Series includes a wide variety of models with reach and payload suitable for different applications, including the DC power mobile robot compatible, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET versions.

With 31 Safety Features, the OMRON S Series meets ISO 13849-1, Cat.3, PL D and ISO 10218 -1 Safety Standards, certified by TUV Nord. The new OMRON S Series also comes with the UL/CSA certifications from SGS.

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Target Industries

OMRON TM Collaborative Robots are designed for a wide variety of applications in a number of industries.

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Target Applications

TM S系列 特長 3

Ease of use

Improved hand guidance and next-generation teach pendant make programming the OMRON S Series easier than ever.

Advanced hand guiding experience:

Applications can be programmed using the built-in hand guidance function. Simply move the head to the desired position, and with the click of a button, the position is taught.

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TM S系列 特長 7

The new Robot Stick is designed to convert an OMRON TM Screen to a teaching pendant.
• Operate, control, and program the cobot using a touch screen
• No wiring or additional chip installation only by OMRON
• OMRON TM Pen is available

Built-In Vision System

The integrated vision system is the biggest advantage of OMRON TM cobots. It is designed for industrial grade pattern recognition, object positioning, and feature identification. Users can set up vision tasks for immediate deployment without going through complex steps of integrating external cameras or lighting equipment.

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Ease of use

The OMRON S series collaborative robots are easy to use and can be programmed using a variety of methods, including hand guidance, flow-chart programming or manual scripting.

Graphical Programming

Our innovative programming allows users to automate a task with flow-based software, creating full workflows with a click-and-drag method in TMFlow. Via Operator Platform, building an application software layout is very intuitive by drag and drop visual elements, no need for trial and error via complex coding.

TM S系列 特長 10

Omron Next Generation Cobot – Faster Programming

The script programming method in both Project and Mode, will be available for the S Series. The Script language may enable the advanced users to program Cobot projects more concise and organized.

TM S系列 特長 11


Newly added safety functions provides for a wide variety of safety devices/switch configurations without the need for an additional safety controller.

Safety Features

• 31 Safety features in total
• 12 Newly added safety features

TM S系列 特長 13


• ISO 13849-1, Cat.3, PL d
• ISO 10218-1:2011
• UL & CSA Safety Certification


• IP54 rating for Robot Arm, AC control box, Robot Stick and TM screen.
• ISO Class 3 for the Cleanroom
• Enhance oil resistant covers for joints

Anatomy of OMRON TM S Series Cobot

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TM S系列 特長 17

OMRON S Series Cobots’ Main Advantage

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Cobots vs. Industrial Robots

OMRON TM Collaborative Robots change the way in which tradition al factories work.
Physical cages are no longer needed. Designed for high-mix, low-volume pr oduction at a speed comparable to human workers, OMRON cobots can work in har mony with humans.

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Plug & Play

OMRON has partnered with a select number of companies to offer a wide variety of peripherals that quickly and easily integrate with our cobots, allowing for a faster deployment and return on investment. They are collectively referred to as Plug & Play devices and software, designed to serve a broad range of customer applications and meet the highest testing standards of OMRON.

TM S系列 特長 20

Plug & Play Kits

All products come as a ready-to-use kit for easy installation

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